Interior landscape

Our plants design consultation service will help you transform your space into a warm and welcoming area. Interior plants landscaping will not only make your place nicer, it also bring many healthy benefits.

plantes d'intérieur piscine hôtel

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need professional advise, Alphaplantes is there to help you! Call one of our consultants who will gladly advise you.

A few simple steps

Choose your plants

Natural plants
We have a large selection of natural plants to create an interior plant architecture that will meet your expectations.

Artificial plants
Artificial plant arrangements are the alternative when the conditions do not allow the use of real plants. With our expertise, you will get the nicest possible plant design.

Choose your pots

Show off your plants and give them ideal support with our wide selection of pots and planters.

Trust our technicians with delivery and installation

For a brand new installation, or for the replacement of withered existing plants, our professional field team will take care of delivery, repotting and installation of your plants in their new environment.

The foliage of tropical plants is often delicate and must be treated with great care. Our delivery staff ensures the well being of your new plants during their transportation, at delivery, and during installation. Tropical plants are particularly sensitive to cold, so we wrap them carefully and carry them safely thanks to our heated trucks fleet.

Outdoor landscaping and terrace design

Enjoy welcoming outdoor areas all year round. Our designers and installers will set up the front porch and terrace of your home, office building, hotel, restaurant or shop with beautiful and healthy plants, sturdy planters and furniture. Our outdoor landscaping service also includes options for fall and winter seasons, so your place looks clean and nice all the time.

To make sure you get all the benefits from your outdoor design despite your busy schedule, complete with our full maintenance service, or with a personalized maintenance service.

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What we can do for you

Location examples

Purchase price, delivered and installed. Maintenance and seasonal rotations not included.

Front porch - 2 medium plants with planters

From $350

Small terrace - 2 rectangular containers and 4 planters with medium plants

From $950

Large terrace - 4 rectangular planters and 6 planters with large plants

From $2,800

Complete maintenance program

To keep your landscape fresh and lush all season long, we take charge of the maintenance of your outdoor plants:

  • Proper watering
  • Phytosanitary management
  • Trimming and pruning when it's time
  • Planter drainage check up
  • Ground fixing of planters if necessary
  • High quality potting soil amending

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Discover the plant arrangements that we have created.

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