Office plant care

You have indoor plants in your office? You and your colleagues are busy and need to concentrate on your work. To keep your plants nice and healthy, and get all their benefits, opt for our professional plant maintenance service. Our knowledgeable technicians are familiar with every type of plant and with every essential task to keep them healthy: watering, cleaning and pruning, repotting... Our plant care service is also available for your home. Let us make your life easier!

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entretien de plantes d'intérieur de bureau

Punctual plant care visits

We take charge of:

  • Watering adjustment and fertilization
  • Foliage dusting and cleaning
  • Potting soil amendment and repotting of the new plants
  • Pruning and staking
  • Rotation for an even growth
  • Phytosanitary inspection

Benefits of choosing Alphaplantes

100% warranty on all plants under contract: free and fast replacement of plants when needed

Complete professional plant care, provided in a discreet and courteous manner, without disturbing your work

Full support in case of moving or reorganization of your spaces

Examples of plant maintenance rates

15 to 20 floor and table plants

From $160/month

20 to 30 floor and table plants

Around $200/month

30 to 40 floor and table plants

Around $250/month

consultation choix de plantes décoration

You need advice about watering or other technical details? Our team will answer all your questions. Furthermore, thanks to new working methods carefully developed with our technicians, we can offer rates defying all competition.

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