Since 1970, Alphaplantes has been a specialist in interior and exterior landscaping and has built a clientele, both commercial and private, as numerous as it is loyal. Alphaplantes is also the Quebec-based online shop specialized in selling plants for your offices.

Integrate plants into your decor, whether it's at home or at work. They will create pleasant, healthy, warm, and stimulating environments in an entirely ecological way. Consult the experts at Alphaplantes. They can help you select the best plants to optimize your well-being.


Browse through hundreds of plants and pots from the comfort of your home.

Find your plant
Choose a beautiful pot
Order your plants online, and we'll take care of the rest
Delivery to your office

Guarantee included with our maintenance service!

Entrust us with the care of your plants, and we will replace, at our expense, any plant showing signs of withering.

Benefits of plants

Plants not only create beautiful atmospheres, but they also promote well-being and stimulate creativity, in addition to providing numerous health benefits, thanks to their advantages:


Tailored to your needs

Plants are valuable allies in creating pleasant and inviting environments where it's great to live, work, or relax. We can help you make the most of the many benefits they provide. Schedule an appointment with our experts for an assessment visit followed by a custom quote that matches your needs.

Our values


More than 1,500 commercial customers and a large number of individuals entrust us with their plants, many of them since numerous years. We wish to develop a long-term relationship with our clientele and we work very hard to make your environments more pleasant and healthy with the addition of greenery.


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