Vegetal landscaping

Bring your workspace to life with office plants and personalized plant arrangements!

Bring your workspace to life with office plants and personalized plant arrangements. At Alphaplantes, we offer custom-made landscaping services for companies, with rental and maintenance options to facilitate the management of office plants. Our landscaping experts work with you to create a green and productive workspace that improves the quality of life of your employees.

consultation choix de plantes décoration

Consulting in plant arrangement and decor

Which plants should you choose for your desk, for your house or for your business? How should enhance your terrace or the facade of your building? We offer consulting services in interior and exterior plant arrangements to add a touch of green to your decor in a unique way!

How to choose your plants

When choosing your new plants, it is important to take into account their specificities and their location in your decor. Whether your arrangement is inside or outside, there are a few factors that need to be considered :

  • The brightness;
  • The available space;
  • Location (air stream, busyness of the area, etc.);
  • The current decor;
  • Your preferences;
  • Your budget;
  • The desired benefits.

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