Lechuza - Cubico


Lechuza Cubico premium pot with planting tray and irrigation system included.

The premium collection is mainly designed for modern interiors. They are made of very resistant plastic with a high quality paint finish as well as a protective lacquer for the glossy colors .

Pots with Lechuza irrigation system have revolutionized the field of potted plants. Made in Germany by the Playmobil company, they are lightweight, virtually unbreakable and available in several colors and formats.

Perfectly waterproof and with a careful design, they are best suited to indoor environments. Frost and UV resistant and equipped with an option for drainage, they can also be used outdoors. The irrigation system with indicator, exclusive to Lechuza pots, will supply your plant with water over several weeks.

  • 12 x 12" - Cubico 30 for 8-10 inch plants
  • 16 x 16" - Cubico 40 for 12-14 inch plants
  • 20 x 20" - Cubico 50 for 14-17 inch plants
Indoor/Outdoor 3 seasons
Dimensions: 12 x 12" | height 22"
Colors: White

Pickup available Alphaplantes

Usually ready in 24 hours

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